4 Steps to Craft a Top Instagram Automation Strategy

Instagram is a platform that every brand years to be part of. However, without the right strategy you are looking at bored-to-death followers and a few likes thrown your way.

One of the ways to make your account stay vibrant and get more followers is to have the right automation strategy. Automation takes the common and monotonous tasks that you perform each day and puts them on autopilot – you don’t have to do them manually.

But you need to have the right strategy before you can end up with more followers, and ultimately better visibility.

Today we look at the various steps you need to take to make the right automation strategy.

Step #1: Know Your Goals

Before you can decide to automate any task on Instagram, you need to understand the goals of your Instagram efforts. You want to understand what you wish to achieve at the end of it all. Look at it this way – are you planning to increase the level or engagement or have more followers? When you have clear goals in place, you have the capacity to measure the results a few months down the line.

Step #2: Know What to Automate, and Not to Automate

To achieve the goals, you must know what tasks to automate and what tasks not to automate. Instagram gives you so many tasks that you need to perform to get to the top of the news feed:


    • Posting images, videos and writing captions.
    • Researching hashtags.
    • Following users.
    • Liking posts from other users.
    • Sending direct messages to followers.
    • Unfollowing users.
    • Commenting on posts.
    • Reposting other peoples content.
    • Scheduling of content.


This is what you need to do on daily basis, but remember you only automate the tasks that will give you the results you need.

There are some tasks you can automate and some that you can’t automate.

Step #3: Know Which Tasks to Automate

There are tasks that you can automate and some that you cannot automate at all. The tasks that you need to automate are those that don’t need a human touch, including the scheduling of content, following and unfollowing users, liking posts and more. Some of the tasks that you can’t automate include replying on comments and reposting other peoples content, otherwise called Regramming.

Replying to comments needs you to read the comment before you can say anything depending on the type of comment left behind. So, don’t automate your comments because you will end up with wrong responses to otherwise slid concerns.

Step #4: Get the Automation Tool

Automation isn’t all about getting any tool and using it on your account – what you need to do is to find the right tool that gives you the features you are looking for. Don’t go for a tool that automates following when all you need is an auto-liker.

With so many tools on the market, you have to rely on experts to get an idea of what to choose. Start off with a look at automation on Instagram by Income Artist to get an idea of what to choose.

The tools come in different packages, choose the one that works for you. And while at it, you need to understand how much you plan to spend so that you don’t go overboard.

Final Thoughts

It takes a lot of planning and strategy to get your automation strategy in place. Make sure you understand your Instagram automation goals, and then know what to automate and what not to automate so that you know exactly what you need in terms of the automation tool.