Cheapest Dates/Season to Get Married

Everyone wants a glamorous wedding. However, that doesn’t mean spending money on your big day without much thought in the name of making this once in a lifetime occasion exciting. Depending on the day or season, you can make significant savings and still have a glorious event. Here are the cheapest dates/seasons to have a wedding.

Off-Peak Months

The most popular wedding seasons start in May and end in October. Statistics show that close to 84% of Americans have their weddings during these months. Due to the high demand of venues, wedding photographers, musicians, florists, and caretakers, having your wedding during these months may not be a good choice if you’re working on a fixed or tight budget. It, therefore, means that any other month that doesn’t fall between May and November would be perfect for budget-conscious couples who want to save on their wedding.

Off-Peak Climates

In case you reside in the Midwest or Southwest, Summer months are off-peak and economic seasons for weddings. This is because many people don’t want to deal with the scorching heat and humidity. Equally ice and snow bring wedding costs down in cold-weather states. Also, a winter honeymoon at a winter resort is likely to cost you less not to mention that the chances of getting the best suite at a discounted price are higher.

Off-Peak Days

Most couples get married during the weekend; thus Saturday is the most expensive day to get married. If you want to keep your wedding costs down, you are better off choosing an off-peak day. Mid-week days starting from Tuesday to Thursday are cheaper wedding days. During such day, venues will cost you lifeless, and you can also get other wedding related services such as catering at a reduced price as well.

Off-Peak Hours

The particular time of day you choose to have your wedding could have a direct impact on how much you end up spending. Luncheons and brunches complement, as well as afternoon weddings, cost less compared to evening ceremonies. During daytime or mornings, guests don’t drink or eat heavily which means fewer expenses on food.

Don’t Forget to Get a Wedding Singer

Even as you try to save money during your big day, it is essential that you seek the service of a wedding singer to spice up things. You will only need to ensure that the singer of your choice is affordable. On that note, visit to read more about James Barlow, an experienced and reputable wedding singer based in the United Kingdom and how he can fit into your program.

The Bottom Line

With careful planning, your wedding can still be memorable and cheap based on the date/season you choose to have it. In line with saving on your marriage ceremony, you may also consider having an off-peak destination wedding. Also, you can plan to have your union far off from your hometown where you can save money. Be as flexible as possible as it will help you keep some cash in your wallet.