Why Are Your Engagement Levels Going Below 50%?

I have been there too, my Instagram posts suddenly went down to 25 percent of their usual engagement, and it seemed as if everything I was doing wasn’t correcting the situation.

It turned out I was doing what I wasn’t supposed to do at all – I was putting in efforts for nothing.

The chances are that you are doing everything right, but it is the algorithm that needs more from you. Perhaps your posts aren’t being timed correctly, or you need to tweak your profile a little bit.

Let us see the things that might be making your account seem to be asleep.

You are Using Hashtags That Don’t Work At All

So, what are the hashtags that you have been using of late? Instagram can easily ban hashtags that are compromised, and make them useless. Let’s say you identify a trending hashtag and decide to use it; then someone else uses the same to spam users, then you are looking at a dead tag.

It has been found out that Instagram even goes ahead to penalize anyone that uses the hashtag after that. This might not be too significant to you at the moment, but you know too well that losing a source of engagement can be detrimental to the whole engagement efforts.

To be safe, make sure you don’t use the same hashtag for all your content. This way, if any of the hashtags get banned, you have other images to help you maintain the engagement rates.

You Used a Hashtag That Is Oversaturated

To make your engagement count, you need to steer clear of hashtags that have millions of posts. This is true especially when you have a small account that is just starting out.

A tag that is oversaturated means that you have a lot of competition, and the more photos that you have being posted with the dame tag, the less time your content remains visible. So, before you go ahead and use the hashtag, make sure it is not too big for your account.

You are Posting What You Want to See, Not What Your Followers Expect to See

Many times we post content that we want to see, instead of posting content that is important and relevant to our users. You need to experiment with different kinds of content before you know what to post.

If you post some images and find that the engagement levels go down, then you need to change. On the other hand, if you post some videos and you notice the levels rising, then go that way.

Try locating the top performing posts on your profile and recreate them. It might be monotonous and boring, but this is the only way you will take your engagement levels to a new high.

Additionally, make sure you are posting content only at optimal times so that you get when your audience is active on the platform. Optimal times translate into optimal engagement.

You aren’t participating Enough

To bypass the needs of the algorithm and use it to your advantage, you need to get as social as you can. Comment and like on other user’s photographs and ask them to follow you. If you don’t have the time to do this, you can use a bot so that you automate the process. Check out The Small Business Blog, most specifically Follow Fans to understand what such a tool can do for you and your engagement levels.

In Closing

You need to watch out for the Instagram algorithm and the changes it can bring to your levels of engagement so that you don’t end up with zero engagement levels.