An At-Home Cardio Workout for the Chronically Busy

“Why don’t you start working out?” You hear it echo from friends, family, fitness gurus, inspirational Facebook posts, and coworkers. You spill a little bit of your precious coffee as you half-turn and shake your head in response. You almost drop your fat stack of paperwork, all of which is due in by Friday evening. You’ve got an inbox full of emails weighing on your brain. Maybe you’re already worrying about affording enough groceries for your kids. Regardless, it’s not uncommon to find yourself too stressed, busy, or broke to be hitting the gym every day.

Yet, it’s impossible to deny that exercising regularly has a wealth of benefits. Regular exercise, even just simple cardio for only 30 minutes every day, begins to improve your health from the minute you start.

Benefits of Working Out Regularly

  • Boost Happiness Levels
  • Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease
  • Improve Quality of Sleep/Sleep Patterns
  • Increase in Energy
  • Improve Strength and Flexibility
  • Add to Your Confidence
  • Help Your Brain Health and Memory

The Cost of Working Out

However beneficial regular exercise may be, oftentimes making room in our schedules for it proves more trouble than it’s worth. Sure, 30 minutes isn’t too much of an issue, but once you factor in the time it takes to get to and from the gym, changing your clothes, and (hopefully) a shower afterwards, it turns into an hour or more at least. 

If you’re trying to work out every day, and you work a highly demanding job that require a lot of off-duty work, those precious hours can cost you. Add to this the exorbitant price of most gym memberships. A monthly upscale gym membership can run you upwards of $100 every month. That’s over $1000 a year just to have the chance to exercise. But that’s not the only cost you pay. You also have to shell out some dough for some good running shoes and exercise gear. In all likelihood you’ll be eating bigger meals too, which unfortunately isn’t free.

At-Home Cardio

None of this is meant to dissuade you from working out. Exercise is wonderful for the body and mind, and the pros vastly outweigh the cons. However, if you’re a busy person you know that when it comes to scheduling it’s necessary to be realistic. Luckily, spending hours at the gym every week isn’t the only way to effectively work out, and you can reap all of the benefits of regular exercise without leaving the comfort of your home or study. A stationary bike can be one of the best first steps to establishing an at-home gym or work out regimen. If you’re already feeling inspired, head on over to to start looking for a bike that can fit your schedule, lifestyle, and budget.

What is Cardio?

One of the most important facets of a health-based exercise routine is cardio. Cardio, short for Cardiovascular exercise, is any type of physical activity performed at a moderate level of intensity over a relatively long period of time. Examples would be running, swimming, dancing, etc. Going for a run every day can suck up time you might need for preparing presentations, studying, or filling out paperwork. Not to mention the adverse effects running has on the joints. Ouch.

Stationary Bikes

One way to get your cardio in without losing valuable work time is to work from a stationary bike. Plenty of stationary bikes come pre-equipped with a desk precisely for this purpose. Of course, you can set up the bike in your home, your office, a vacant lot behind a factory, or in your shower. Maybe not your shower, but my point is you can literally put it anywhere, and you don’t pay anybody a fee just to get your daily dose of fitness.

If you’re dealing with any present or past leg injuries, or you just want a workout that has minimal negative impact on your joints and bones, a stationary recumbent bike might be your best bet. Because of the angle recumbent bikes have you sit at, it puts far less strain on your sit bones, knees, and spine.

Stay Busy, and Get Fit

Working from a stationary bike may feel a little absurd at first, but so did the first people who used standing desks. Now half of the office buildings in Silicon Valley have them and that first standing-desk-hero is enjoying greater productivity and less back problems. Exercise comes with a wide range of benefits, and even those who don’t have much time to dedicate to it can find ways to make it fit their budget and schedule. If you’re always feeling too busy to hit the gym, a stationary bike might be able to help you hit your work goals, as well as your personal goals.