Why is Hydrogen Water Better than Regular Water?

A life force that is nearly transparent and colorless, yet we rely on for almost everything we do. Up to 60% of your body and 71% of the earth is covered in the stuff. Constantly stuck in a cycle of evaporation, condensation, and precipitation, we look to water to sustain us, entertain us, beautify us, and energize our homes. It’s the healthiest beverage we can always rely on, from either a well, or a treatment plant, a bottle or a spring.

Filtered, it’s nearly always free of age-inducing chemicals, teeth-rotting sugar or heart unhealthy salt. Simply organic and made up of two hydrogens and one oxygen. But can injecting more hydrogen, via a hydrogen water bottle potentially be even healthier?

Hydrogen injected water has existed since the 1960’s in Japan, once used for bathing and drinking, hydrogen is now injected into saline IV’s to help treat anything from dehydration to serious medical infections.

Even though water already has two hydrogen atoms, injecting hydrogen gas into water helps our bloodstream have better access to free hydrogen, absorbing more hydrogen than possible from just drinking water. Though the Western research is just gearing up to prove what the Japanese have known for decades, there are several theories at what added hydrogen can improve.

Hydrogen is a natural antioxidant for the body and can significantly reduce inflammation, as well as reduce oxidation stress. Oxidation stress affects everyone and can come from the extended exposure to the sun, the body’s normal body processes and exposure to pollutants. This stress can lead to premature aging and cell damage that could lead to cancer.

Increasing the body’s absorbed hydrogen counteracts the oxidation stress and should the worst happen, eases the negative side effects of radiation treatment for cancer.

Hydrogen water may be able to improve health for diabetes and prediabetes patients. A short study done in Japan has shown that patients that drank hydrogen water had significant decreases in LDL “bad” cholesterol, and urinary markers of oxidative stress, compared to regular water drinkers whose levels did not change.

Lastly, hydrogen water can also be used for as an energy supplement, as scientist and dermatologist Dr. Nicholas Perricone, a proponent and vendor of the water can attest to from testing done on himself in his laboratory.

Results from tests of drinking hydrogen water in Perricone’s lab show the level of energizing compound in our brains, NADH, was increased by 10% within 15 minutes. Hydrogen water could soon be used to replace coffee in cubicles, bolster travelers with jet lag, and speed workout recovery for athletes.

How does hydrogen do all this for our bodies? According to a 2013 review in the Medical Gas Researchjournal, the hydrogen enters our bloodstream after being ingested in the water, and, in the individual blood cells, can reduce the free radicals that are mutating our cells.

How is additional hydrogen injected into water? The bottle introduces a small amount of magnesium into a bottle of water and through a simple chemical reaction, hydrogen gas is formed.

Is it safe to drink? You may have doubts on the safety of hydrogen water or making hydrogen water in your own home. But, the amount of magnesium used to make hydrogen water is much less than the regular daily intake, which is 800 times more than is used in the reaction.

The reported side effects are also minimal, although some have reported minor headaches, mild heartburn and loose stools, but these do not apply to everyone. Check with your doctor if you have any reservations, and research concerning this promising substance is still ongoing.