The Most Important Thing People Forget

When it comes to Instagram most people ignore the most important thing. The internal search engine that is. If you don’t optimize your profile well enough then same as with all search engines you won’t show up and miss out on a ton of free exposure. There is little guidance on this, especially when it comes directly from Instagram because they prefer you to pay for ads through Facebook Ads console, yes Instagram is part of Facebook.

Optimize Your Profile

Make sure you fill out every little detail and write a state-of-the-art biography about yourself, one that impresses people so much that they are more likely to follow you. Also, make sure you pick a photo that truly stands out of the crowd so that you get noticed right away because what sense does it make to show up in the search results when everyone misses you in that long list of posts. Another thing you want to do right away is upgrading your profile to a business profile so that you leave no stone untouched.

Post Twice a Day

The more you post the more chance you have to get included in the search results, obviously, make sure you use appropriate hashtags as that’s what people are searching for so if that’s missing from your post there is little chance people will find you. From our own research, we found out that twice a day is the optimal rate. If you post more often it automatically becomes spammy and the algorithm will notice that, and if you post less, well, then you’re missing out on the opportunity of being found.

Grow Your Followers

It doesn’t matter how you do it, in an automated way like it is being taught at Jonathon Spire or in a manual way by reaching out to people, liking their posts, engaging in conversations, sharing other people’s posts and so on. The more followers you have, the more important you will be regarded by Instagram and thus the higher you will rank in the list of posts. Another benefit is that more followers automatically results in more views so you catch two birds at the same time.

Make Them Engage

Having followers is one thing, having an engaging fan base is an entirely different thing and engagement is most likely the number one ranking factor when it comes to Instagram as well as other social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Minds, and so forth. When you only get bots that follow you because you use a bot yourself and don’t know how to handle it, then it can actually hurt your visibility so keep this in mind if you thought about automating this process. There is nothing wrong with some automation but start off manually, and then slowly transition into a semi-automated way to prevent your account from getting banned as that’s an entirely different thing that can ruin everything else.

In Conclusion

That’s all there is to it really. If you want to read tips about how to engage your fan base then check back next week when I post about that.