Must-have Accessories for your Android Smartphone

Android accounts for more than 80% of the smartphone operating systems in the world. In fact, there’s every probability that you’re reading this from your Android-powered cellphone. But that’s beside the point. Accessories make your phone look super cool. Besides, they enable you to make the most out of what your gadget can do. Take a look;

Bluetooth Earpiece

A Bluetooth earpiece is what you need to bring out the versatility potential of your smartphone. With one, you can answer calls and listen to music without touching your phone. Now, that sounds like something you’d want, especially when driving, right?

The best Bluetooth earpiece should offer excellent sound quality, long battery life, and durability. Of course, you’re better off with a pair that can fit over your ear securely. The capacity to connect with other devices wirelessly has to be on point too. And, if you buy rack85’s bluetooth earpiece, you’ll be for a pleasant listening and calling experience, all at a price that won’t leave a hole in your wallet.

Selfie Stick

Yep, we’re living in the age of Instagram where cute snaps are the order of the day. Apart from allowing you to take your photos conveniently, a selfie stick also enables you to get a glimpse of the landscape behind you without straining your arms.

The best selfie stick should have a collapsible design so that you can carry it from point A to B with relative ease.  Choose one with a sturdy clamp (preferably silicon) to hold your phone tightly. One more thing – a stick with black or glossy blue handle blends perfectly with most backgrounds. Oh and, it should extend for at least 31 inches for group photos.

Portable Charger

Low batteries aren’t fun. And, you shouldn’t be a victim. All you need to do is to get a portable charger to fill your high-powered Android device with juice when you’re out and about. Before you spend your money, however, make sure that the charger has at least two ports. Why is this essential? Well, it allows you to recharge your smartphone and camera at the same time.

You don’t want something bulky. Select a charger that can fit into your travel bag without taking a lot of space. Latest models use PowerIQ 2.0 technology to pick out which device you plug in and provide maximum voltage. Think of it as a function to enable you to charge your phone as quickly as possible.

Camera Lenses

Do you want to add versatility to your smartphone photography? Sure. Grab a detachable camera lens kit so you can capture fine details up close. For the best results, pick a set that includes a trifecta of .36x wide angle lens, 180° fisheye lens, and 25 x macro lenses.

The Bottom Line

It makes perfect sense to accessorize your Android phone if you want to take its performance to the next level. Still, be sure to choose attachments that provide value for your cash and most importantly, ones that are compatible with your smartphone.