Reasons (Excuses) People Don’t Go to The Gym

We are all well aware, and it has all but been publicly agreed upon, that exercise is necessary. It is a great way to increase the serotonin in our bodies (which is one of the “feel good” hormones in our bodies) and it allows our bodies to function the way that it should. It is another thing to be able to fit it into the busy schedules that we call life. One of the ways that many people swear by as a way to make sure they get their exercise in is by multiple weekly visits to a local gym. This is a great way for people to set aside time for fitness. Although it seems like an easy solution, there are so many reasons that people don’t, or it is difficult for them to get to the gym once a month, let alone multiple times a week. Here are some reasons why more people are not regulars at the gym.

  • Gym memberships cost money and not everyone has the extra income to spend on a membership. People live on strict budgets and most of those budgets are dedicated to housing, utilities, groceries, and having a vehicle. Many household’s live paycheck to paycheck and a gym membership is just not something that their limited paycheck allows for. Because of the noted importance of exercise, many health insurance companies try to combat this. Many of them are now covering the cost of a gym membership for their customers so that they do not have a reason not to go to the gym.
  • Some people are embarrassed to work out in front of other people. They are insecure about the way that they look, and they are embarrassed to have people watching them workout. Some people are not only affected in this way by being embarrassed, but they may also have serious anxiety that may make it uncomfortable as well. It is much easier for them to workout at home where they can feel comfortable to do it than to go to the gym. Gyms, like Planet Fitness, are creating an environment that they call the “judgment-free zone,” because they do not want people to feel embarrassed or anxious about going to the gym.
  • There are people who live in rural areas who may not have a gym close to their homes. Whether people realize it or not, there are those who live in areas where they may have to drive up to an hour in order to get to a gym. Who wants to have to do that? It is can be difficult to fit that into a busy schedule of work, kids, sports, and errands. If it takes 2 hours just in driving to the gym and home plus at least an hour there, many people are not able to commit to that. They decide to not even bother trying to go to the gym and many of them decide to do the things like hiking and swimming instead because these things are easier to do closer to home.
  • Many of us live incredibly busy lives, especially parents, with full-time careers and children. For parents’ like this, it is hard for them to get a night out together without their children, let alone going to the gym for a little while. They have to deal with the weekly grind of school, work, grocery shopping, errands, and everything else that will be on a family’s plate. In busy lives like these, being able to go to the gym seems like something that is just impossible to be able to do at all, let alone on a regular basis.

There are plenty of legitimate reasons why it is difficult or impossible to get to the gym every week, but there is no excuse for not exercising at all. When you live a busy life, you have to get creative with your workouts. They have to include the kids or be able to be done in the evening at home. There are a lot of great ways to exercise at home. You can get yourself some at-home workout equipment or buy great yoga DVDs, so you can workout before work or in the evenings before you go to bed. It is never simple, but totally doable.