Top Hacks to Become Famous on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks today, with over 800 million active monthly users that share more than 60 million images and an excess of 1.6 billion likes each day.

The app quickly outgrew its initial impression as an app for pet lovers and travelers to post images and has become one of the top contenders for networking, brand marketing and a tool to get traffic to your site.

So, how cool is this app?

The app has engagement rates that blow all the other social networking apps away. For instance, the average engagement rates are more than 50 times what is seen on Facebook. This is just an average.

So, whether you are a company or an individual looking to become Instagram famous, you need a few hacks to leave an impression among many people and build a massive following. Let’s go.

Cross Promote

You need to come up with a dedicated hashtag that will be unique to you or your brand. Once you have the hashtag, for instance, #annesboutique, you need to place it in places where it will be seen and appreciated by many people. Place it in your profile, as well as offline on receipts, signage and in print ads as well. If you appear on TV, then direct viewers to use the hashtag. Integrate it with other social profiles as well, and don’t forget to use it in your emails.

This is the only way the hashtag gets found, don’t just sit back and hope that people will find it.

Be Part of Popular Conversations

If you wish to be popular, then you also need to take part in popular conversations. Being part of these conversations makes it possible for people to recognize your input and understand how much you know about the topic.

Additionally, for each post that you put up, make sure you use a mix of hashtags as well as specific ones that relate to your niche. According to Fred Harrington, using specific hashtags works like long tail keywords because they show more content and help you find the right audience.

Leverage the Bio URL

The URL you place in your bio represents prime real estate for your Instagram profile. It is the one that opens up your world to anyone that has interest in your profile. Remember that your bio is like a shop front for your brand, it tells the users what they need to know about the business and where they ought to go to get what they are looking for.

So, decide on where you want the link to take the followers, and then make sure the page you are linking to works otherwise you stand to get nothing out of the link.

Have a Unique Style

You will come across many copycats on Instagram trying so much to look like a certain user. For your safety and success, you need to try and come up with a unique style that will appeal to a certain targeted audience. It is human always to try to fit in, but on Instagram, it pays for you to stand out from the crowd. You can come up with a unique content style or a visual style that suits your target audience.
The style you come up with will be easy to relate to by other users on the platform so that when you post content, they relate to it quickly.

Final Words

Becoming Instagram famous isn’t an easy thing, you need to use a few hacks to make sure you capture the attention of many users so that you stay relevant and grow your following.