Traits of a Good Police Officer

Good cops exist. Yes, they do. They’re polished, friendly and easy to talk to. They understand their duties and will never harass you, even when you’re in the wrong. Other than that, he’s a rundown of qualities of a reasonable police officer.

Always Carries a Badge

A cop who knows what he/she is doing will always carry a badge. See, before arresting you, a police officer should first let you know that he/she is actually a cop. Sure, there’s the uniform, but that’s not a reason enough to believe anyone is a police officer. A reasonable officer will show you his ID or badge before arresting or questioning you. Of course, the badge will contain details such as the name, department and so on.  Speaking of badges, you can visit Easy ID Card to view a selection of police ID card templates and what makes them stand out.

Is Incorruptible

Police execute the laws of the land. They have to make that every citizen abides by the law and that offenders don’t get away with it. Some rogue police, however, take a bribe to cover up crimes or pursue a false claim on an innocent citizen. A good cop, on the other hand, will do everything to safeguard social justice. He or she will not accept any bribes or be compromised to obstruct justice.

Has Good Interpersonal Skill

A reasonable police officer doesn’t have to harass a citizen to get information from them. He or she knows how to talk the truth out of a suspect without using unnecessary force. And when he or she has to use force on a suspect to make them confess to wrongdoing, he or she will do it in a way that doesn’t amount to torture. Other than that, a skilled cop knows how to calm down an agitated crowd by talking sense into them.

Says Thank You

A good police officer knows that it is not his or her right to get things for free. He or she will appreciate good deeds by saying thank you. That way, he/she encourages kind gestures from citizens. In fact, a police officer has to set a good example for the society. He or she should help people to abide by the laws. Also, a good cop isn’t afraid to admit his or her mistakes and apologizing for it. It is a sign of humility.

The Bottom Line

Every police officer should strive to be the best they can be. Unlike what most people think, cops are there to serve you but not to intimidate or be a nuisance to you. All you need to do to make their work more manageable is to stick to the laws and behave correctly. Don’t go breaking the rules and expect mercy when you’re in the wrong.

On top of that, the society should learn to appreciate police officers especially the good ones. Besides, the society has to expose bad elements that break the law. That way, creating an environment where everyone can thrive becomes easy.