Wrongful Amputation? You Have a Right to File a Claim

What constitutes wrongful amputation? The most common and ghastly stories that you have come across is the removal or the wrong limb, meaning the hand or the leg. Although it seems a fundamental and hard-to-make mistake, this still happens. Wrongful amputation is a definite case of negligence. In addition to this well-known case of medical negligence, there are other types of amputations that can be performed erroneously.

Removal of a Wrong Testicle

One of the reasons for removal of one of the testicles is testicular cancer that is deemed to be spreading. Removal of the wrong testicle will mean that you lose the correctly working one as well. This prevents you from having kids in the future.

Spinal Disc Removal

Discs in the back are removed when you suffer severe pain yet all remedies aren’t working as expected. The spinal surgeon can mistakenly remove the wrong disc, which means you lose the function of more than one disc. It usually takes time before realizing that a mistake happened, because the pain doesn’t go away.

Let us have a look at the reasons that will support a successful negligence claim.

Amputation of the Wrong Limb

Despite the advancements in medical technology over the past few decades, medical personnel still make basic mistakes that can be injurious later on. The most severe error that the personnel perform is marking the wrong limb for amputation. This means you have to organize for another operation to remove the limb that the surgeon was meant to remove in the first place.

Cancer Misdiagnosis

If tests show the existence of cancer in one of the limbs with the risk of cancer spreading to other areas, the best option is to remove the cancerous limb. If this is performed then upon taking a closer look it is found that there was no cancer, you can file a successful medical negligence claim.

Additionally, if after amputation it is discovered that there was no risk of cancer spreading to the other limb; it serves as a misdiagnosis that can be regarded as negligence.

Surgical Mistake

Surgeons are human beings, and as they say, human is to error. If you sustain an injury to one of the limbs due to an accident, the surgeon decides if the injuries are severe enough to have your limbs amputated. If after the amputation it is found that repair would have been successful and the amputation wasn’t crucial, you can file a claim for compensation.

Medical Treatment

If during the operation on one of the limbs the surgeon causes injury to the other limb, the doctor might make the ultimate decision. If the situation calls for amputation, you can claim for compensation.

What Should You Do?

The first thing is to make an official complaint immediately this happens using the correct channels. First, seek for an explanation from the health facility using the right communication procedure in the hospital. Make sure you get a response from the hospital as quickly as possible.

At the same time, consult with a professional medical negligence solicitor from The Medical Negligence Experts. The solicitor understands what you are going through and will help you file the complaint. You might think that the claim is straightforward, but every situation is complicated and needs an expert to handle it.

Final Words

A wrong amputation is a costly and grave mistake that can only be eased by compensation from the responsible party. Work with a solicitor that will help you claim for expenses and losses. Some of the costs you will meet include moving to a new house, modifying your vehicle, ongoing medical treatment, medical appliances and more.